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What Our Founders Say

Working with Chris, Grethe and the Link Capital has been a valuable experience. Every VC will tell you they add value; Link follows through with this promise.

Rightcharge’s fundraising strategy has been hugely elevated by the Fundraising Sprint and Grethe has provided valuable guidance on a continuous basis through her role on our board.

Charlie Cook
CEO, Co-Founder, Rightcharge

Through their founder focused, hands-on approach, Link Capital been instrumental in spurring the growth of SolarDuck. As a young company, Link’s team has played a key role in improving strategic planning capabilities, setting up and improving governance and increasing fundraising skills.

The excellent training programs, vast global network and availability of the excellent Link team whenever required, has made Link Capital much more than an investor, they are a true partner in developing the SolarDuck enterprise.”

Koen Burgers, CEO & Co-Founder

Link set the tone from the first meeting. Knowledgeable about the space, they kept us on our toes, and helped us build an even better case through the funding process. From our initial seed round to finally landing at €52 million with a major European investor, Link helped us shape the capital strategy from idea to execution.

Morten Rørvik
Co-Founder, Wattif EV

The Link team was pivotal for Switch in enabling us to continue with an ambitious technical build while also helping us forge
important relations with both follow-on investors and beachhead clients. Their approach was always practical, supportive, and a lot of fun. We are sure they will help a lot of other early-stage companies strive for greatness.

Sasha Serafimovski
CEO, Founder, Switch EV

The expertise, network, and professionalism that Link brings as an investor are exceptional and something that all startups dream of having as part of their cap table.

Nito Simonsen, CEO & Co-Founder

“It was obviously from day 1, that Link Capital is not just supporting building great companies, but are also building a great ecosystem of other companies and advisors around us. Being part of that community became a no-brainer.“

Konrad Hanschmidt
CEO, Gridio

Link Sprints

For the portfolio, we run frequent cohort programs (mini-accelerators) and we spend a significant amount of time bringing in C-level talent, board members and co-investors.

Link Sprints is one of the way we support our portfolio companies.

How We Invest

Listening Post

From €50,000 to €100,000
Requires a lead investor

Minor Investment

From €100.000 to €1M
Link may be lead investor

Major Investment

From €1M to €5M
Link is likely to be lead or co-lead