Advent Calendar 2021




Our fund, Link II, has recently finalized its investments in 24 companies.
Join us as we reveal each company in our advent calendar,
beginning December 1, 2021.


Spare is building the world’s first mobility operating system – a strong and extendable backbone for transit and mobility operations everywhere.

RePack develops novel technologies for reassembly and operations to convert usable second life EV batteries into modular plug-and-play battery storage systems.

SolarDuck powers the world with clean solar energy by generating offshore solar energy using state-of-the-art technology. 

Rightcharge currently offers the UK’s only all-in-one comparison service for smart home charge points and electric vehicle friendly home energy tariffs.

Hayk is a Norwegian sustainable mobility company working on building a car sharing service with only EVs.

Norwegian company Skyfri provides owners of renewable energy plants with sophisticated software to increase revenues and reduce downtime in production.

Based in Norway, Blue Lice is on a mission to eradicate one of the largest problems in the aquaculture industry through an innovative trap technology.

Remora is a Norwegian-developed autonomous robot that has been designed to assist fish farms with keeping their nets cleaned in an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable manner.

Alginor is a Norwegian marine biotech company developing sustainable and scalable harvesting and biorefining methods for production of kelp-based ingredients for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

Based in Norway, Wittario is an augmented reality-based learning platform that moves you off the couch and onto the streets for an enhanced learning experience.

Powerzeek is a digital open-access fuel platform where purchase and sale of fuel is commission-free. Through Powerzeek’s technologies and supplier community, the transport sectors can easily find, buy and use cleaner fuels – ultimately contributing to a cleaner future.
Green Waves is a company leading the shift towards greener boating by electrifying the boating industry in Norway. Green Waves aims to be the largest exporter of sustainable boating technology not just in Norway but beyond.
Naardic enables the experience of a personal trainer in your own home and is on a mission to create the world’s most social and engaging online fitness training experience through innovative technology.
Mitigrate enables banks and insurance companies to understand the impact of climate change and increase the resilience of their portfolios. 
Glex – a software company developing advanced analysis and collaboration tools for energy and industrial companies.
Fishency is developing a hardware and software solution for fish welfare that monitors fish health, lice, and growth in the pen, using technology to promote affordable sustainable development of the aquaculture industry.
Jet Seafood is a company which is building out – an online digital platform for global trading within the seafood market.
Nivel is developing a series of digital tools to help city administrations get on top of micromobility and public space utilization from a computer.
Vignita is a social learning platform that brings together all forms of training into one platform by connecting companies with experts and technology.
Carbon is the world’s first intelligent training mirror with a personal trainer inside. Using AI powered 3D motion capture and sensors – Carbon captures your workout data automatically and shows your progress to keep you motivated.
Numetry is a math game that makes learning math actually fun, and their goal is to help children across the globe fall in love with math.
Trefadder is Norway’s largest player in BIO carbon capture (BIO-CCS.) By building Norwegian climate forests in cooperation with landowners, Trefadder captures large amounts of CO2 while creating jobs in the districts.
Skyhome is a digital platform that connects interior designers/architects and high-profile brands within furniture and interior design.
FJONG is an unlimited, digital closet where you can rent all the styles and brands you love at a fraction of the retail price.