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Fundraising Sprint

100% Digital

Meet & Build Relationships with New Funds

Develop a long-term
capital strategy

Build out your investor CRM

Accelerate your
fundraising process

Join one of our upcoming cohorts to supercharge your fundraising journey

Cohort 1: Jan 2023

Starts Jan 9, 2023
Limited to 10 teams

Cohort 2: May 2023

Starts May, 2023
Limited to 10 teams

Cohort 3: Mar 2024

Starts March 2024
Limited to 10 teams
Applications Closed

“The companies that have completed the Link Sprint, are collectively aiming to raise up to €500M over the next two years. They are growing from startups to scale ups. This program is designed for them. This program helps you shift from raising seed-stage to serious capital and how to do it successfully”

Christian Rangen

Link Capital



Previous versions of this program has been delivered to accelerators and clusters, including 100+ companies with our friends at Katapult.

A clear funding roadmap

Build out a
world-class funding journey & capital strategy

Gear up for the next round

Be a pro and get 100% ready for your next fundraising round

Expand your investor network

Meet, network and build relationships with new, late-stage funds – your next set of investors


Up your odds of closing

Radically increase the odds of closing your next funding round successfully

What you get:


One-month, intense, hands-on fundraising sprint


Direct access to potential investors for your next round


A proven fund-raising and growth toolkit


Network and learn with fellow startup founders


1:1 fundraising mentor sessions with Chris, Nir, Grethe & Elisabeth


Development of your pitchdecks (5) and data room


Access 10+ investor databases


Access to list of 1000+ investor prospects


Curated introductions to highly selected investor prospects


Introductions to world-class fundraising advisors, like MV


A transformation of your capital strategy and scale up strategy


Global Investors

Below are some of the global investors visiting Link Sprint and building relationships with our startups

What others say

Feedback from our previous cohorts

“Came in naked, and went out fully-clothed”

Per Mangor, CEO, Movel

“It’s intimidating, motivating, a reality check and a catalyst for the fundraising process you have ahead of you”

Kai Erspamer, Geniess

“Learnings I will carry with me for many years! Thank you for helping build our network & stepping up our fundraising strategies”

Peter Barba, CEO, Lectrium

“A 4-week accelerator to get you, your team and your materials rehearsed, improved and ready to raise. Plus you also get in-front of an exclusive set of investors”

Chris McKee, Rightcharge

“A «must» for all startups and a bootcamp on how to strategize, prepare and focus on fundraising as an integral part of building your business”

Nito Simonsen, CEO, ClimatePoint

“A must for every Start UP. Excellent way to learn how investors will evaluate your startup”

Peer Munck, THNXEL

“Eye Opening. It helped us understand how to take our fundraising materials (inc. pitch) to the next level, plus introduced us to new investors intense, comprehensive, professional and very useful ABC in how to plan and execute on funding. The Link Sprint helped me see the larger picture for my startup and not just focus on what’s right in front of me.”

Nikolai Pyke, CEO, Hayk

“A solid foundation in understanding the needs and process of a VC for investing, directly from the experts themselves”

 Julia Stent, Board Member, Rightcharge

What is it?

Every year Link’s team sees 1000’s of startups, meets with 100’s and invests in 20+. Beyond just Link, the team also works with accelerators, clusters and ecosystems around the world.

Across all these startups, the main challenge remains the same: fund raising. Based on 20+ years of experience, Link is now building an intense, hands-on fundraising sprint, designed 100% to help accelerate your next funding round – and beyond.

For every cohort, up to ten companies are selected to participate in this one-month, demanding program. The program is free to attend, but you are expected to dedicate a significant amount of time during the one-month sprint. Happening 100% digitally.

If selected, we recommend you bring your 3-person funding team, allocate the time required and use this sprint to accelerate your next funding round.

We recommend you think about this program as ‘the money we raise next year’, not
‘the money we need 30. days from now’. We will help you completely transform how you approach fundraising and we will show you that a successful capital strategy requires long-term thinking, significant relationship building and takes much longer to close than most people think.

Previous versions of this program has been delivered to accelerators and clusters, including 100+ companies with our friends at Katapult.


Work with proven, visual tools.

Used by 1000’s of founders, investors and accelerators around the world. Get the full toolkit in the program.

Chart out your funding journey

Develop your long-term funding roadmap

Build - and communicate - your growth strategy


Who you’ll meet & work with

Link's Core Team

Global fundraising experts, including Mountside Ventures

Leading funds and investors within energy, climate tech, impact, mobility and more

Fellow startup founders, CEOs and board members


Who is it for?

Exclusively designed for portfolio companies at Link Venture Capital and Link Capital.

Who should attend and how many companies will get the opportunity?

Fund-raising team of 3 people from each company. Typically, the CEO, CFO, a project manager or a board member. Possible to complete the program as a single participant, but the workload will be excessive.

Each cohort is limited to ten companies, each with 3 people attending.

What does it cost?

Free to attend for portfolio companies.

Where is the program held?

The program is 100% digital, so we will be using Zoom and Miro to run the program.

How much time should we allocate?

During the four weeks of the program there is a significant time committed required.

Ten workshops over 30 days, but the real work happens between the workshops, in investor mapping, research, outreach and meetings.

As much as possible, you should free up all available time to focus the majority of your time on the fundraising sprint.

Who will we meet?

You will meet a range of the leading climate, impact- and mobility investors in our space. They will come in as guest speakers, workshop participants and pitch coaches.

You are expected to use this as an opportunity to connect and start building your relationship with the right investors for you. You can also expect direct and honest feedback from leading investors joining us.

What are expected of us, as participants?

You are expected to show up, ready to work – and allocate the time required to make it happen.

You are expected to deliver a series of small project deliverables, all designed to help you accelerate your fund-raising process.

Most importantly, you are expected to lean into the fund-raising process with the goal of accelerating your next funding round.

What can we expect from Link?

Link’s team and guest speakers will work closely with you to get you truly ‘Ready to Raise’.

We will work closely with you, offer constructive, honest feedback and connect you with the key investors in our global investor network.

We expect a lot from you. You should do the same of us.




Selected Reading Materials

You will get pre-reads prior to program start.


Understanding Investors & Value Creation

Four workshop sessions.
Seven deliverables
Scale Up! from idea to exit


Your Investor Landscape

Two workshop sessions. Ten deliverables.


Finding the Right Investors for You

Two workshop sessions.
Five deliverables.


Closing Your Round

Two workshop sessions.
Three deliverables.


Follow-Up Meetings

Multiple 1:1 follow-up meetings with the right investors for your startup


10 half-day digital workshops

One final investor pitch session

Two 1:1 mentor sessions

25 project deliverables

Your kick ass capital strategy


Program Team

Christian Rangen

Program Lead

Over the past decade, Chris has been involved with and seen the insides of 100’s of funding rounds. Here, he has seen the plan, process and execution that separate fantastic funding rounds that can close in just weeks vs. the ‘ordinary rounds’ that can drag on for months or years and never get to close.

Based on this insights, Chris has developed a step-by-step process and supporting tools & canvases to help startups and scale ups craft a long-term, successful capital strategy, raise faster and accelerate their growth.

Today, this method is used by accelerators, incubators, innovation clusters and startups around the world. Through a long-term collaboration with Katapult, Chris has helped over 100 Katapult companies get truly ‘investor ready’.

Nir Melamud

program co-lead

Located at the heart of the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem scene, Nir has been working with some of the most disruptive B2B & B2C Israeli ventures for almost a decade now. His background in Marketing & GTM strategies, combined with mastering the fundraising process – creates unique valuable expertise for early-stage companies.

In his work with accelerators, incubators and innovation hubs, Nir provides ‘Investor Readiness’ solutions & services, workshops & simulations facilitation, side-by-side with strategic advisory.

Nir also acts as the managing partner of Tech Investor Club, where he assesses 100s of global startups a year and invests in a few, keeping long-lasting, value-creation-oriented relationships with them.

Grethe Skundberg

Program manager

General Partner10+ years with early-stage investments. 20 year + as a mentor.

Active business angel, entrepreneur, board member at several fast-growing tech startups. Nivel (NO), Rightcharge (UK), Hayk (NO)Viggo (DK).

Awarded mobility expert. Extensive experience with mikromobility, autonomous technologies and solutions.

Elisabeth Øvstebø

investment director

Founding Partner – Link Capital

Investment Director Link Capital & Link Venture Capital

Board member, multiple startups across energy, tech platforms, aquaculture

Actively supporting portfolio companies to scale

Henrik Amstutz

Program manager

Associate, Link Capital AS
2 years doing M&A at the Japanese investment bank Nomura in London. Generalist banker, with an increased focus on infrastructure and clean/energy