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3-workshop Exit Sprint,
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Get management and board ready for the exit stage

What is an exit?

In our view, an exit comes in three categories.
Founders would do well to think about which exit route they would prefer and can deliver on. 

"Exit" for your early investors

Create liquidity opportunity for your early investors. Allow the people that took a risk on you first to get an early opportunity to take some or all of their money of the table.

Create liquidity in your share – Founders stay on as before.

IPO ‘Exit’ for your investors

Do an IPO by taking the company into public markets.

Allow your early investors to sell – or buy more shares in your firm.

Potentially some liquidity for founders and management.

Transaction with a PE firm or corporate buyer

Establish a strategic partnership with a PE firm or corporate buyer. May lead to a partial or full sale of the company. Founders will often stay on, while also enjoying a solid financial reward for their work.



Previous versions of this program has been delivered to accelerators and clusters, including 100+ companies with our friends at Katapult.

Explore exit options

Explore possible exit options for your startup

Work with your board

Work closely with your board and management to explore your exit landscape and opportunities

Think long-term

Think more deeply about your long-term exit opportunities

Align your team

Align your team around potential exit options – and possible strategic implications


Start implementing

Implement an exit-focused strategy today


Program Outline


Your Exit Landscape

  • Introduction: Exit and your options
  • Map out the big drivers and trends in your exit landscape
  • Who are the key players you need to know?
  • What are the current exit transactions happening?
  • Work package one: map out your exit landscape


Your Exit Options

  • Introduction: What does management, board and founders want?
  • Strategic fit: What are your best options?
  • Early roadmap: What would be the steps and milestones to your best options
  • Building relationships: getting in touch with your potential exit partners and buyers
  • Work package II: map out your best exit routes and key partners


Your Exit Strategy – and Implications For Your Company Building

  • Introduction: Charting a multi-year exit strategy

  • Team and capabilities: What are the gaps?

  • Growth & KPIs: What are your milestones?

  • Relationships and network: What needs to be developed?

  • Pulling it all together: bringing your exit strategy to life, next steps

What is it?

‘Exit’ is something every founder has in the back of their mind; but for most, it always feels like something that is far, far off. Of the 1000’s of founders we have worked with, very few had a clear exit path in place. Of the 1000’s of pitch decks we review every year, less than 5% even mention avenues and ideas around exits – even though this is one of the most important parts of building and scaling your startup.

This 3-session Exit Sprint is designed to help you craft a robust exit strategy. Work with your board, your management team and co-founders to shape an exit strategy that fits for you.

Now, having an Exit Strategy does not mean you are on a path to selling and leaving the company. On the contrary; having a robust Exit Strategy will make you a more attractive investment case for new investors, will help you in negotiations and will help you think more strategically for the long-term.

The right Exit Strategy today, should lead to better strategic decisions tomorrow; from recruiting, board members, key partners and customers, while the actual exit transaction may be many years away.


Who is it for?

The Exit Sprint is built for management teams, boards and founders.

Who should attend?

We require minimum three people to participate, ideally a full management team and board should attend.

What does it cost?

The program is free to attend.

How much time should we allocate?

Each sprint session is 4 hours, spread over 3-6 weeks. Between each session, you should allocate around 10-15 hours of work and high level research.

When does it take place?

The program can be either 100% digital or in-person. That’s up to us to decide together.

When can we start?

The program can start anytime, but we will only run a selected number of these per year, so get in touch today. 


Sprint Lead

Christian Rangen

The Exit Sprint is led by Christian Rangen and selected team members at Link Capital and Link Venture Capital.

Depending on your jurisdiction and markets, selected advisors may be invited in on a case-by-case basis.

Over the past decade, Chris has been involved with and seen the insides of 100’s of funding rounds. Here, he has seen the plan, process and execution that separate fantastic funding rounds that can close in just weeks vs. the ‘ordinary rounds’ that can drag on for months or years and never get to close.

Based on this insights, Chris has developed a step-by-step process and supporting tools & canvases to help startups and scale ups craft a long-term, successful capital strategy, raise faster and accelerate their growth.

Today, this method is used by accelerators, incubators, innovation clusters and startups around the world. Through a long-term collaboration with Katapult, Chris has helped over 100 Katapult companies get truly ‘investor ready’.

Could the Exit Sprint be for you? Contact Christan Rangen at christian@linkcapital.no today.

Could the Exit Sprint be for you?

Could the Exit Sprint be for you? Contact Christan Rangen at christian@linkcapital.no today.