VC Internship Program


Summer 2024


Your Backstage Pass to the VC Universe

Have you always been curious about the VC world? How the venture capital industry works, who the players are, how VCs secure deals, nurture startups, and ultimately bring in the big wins?

If you’re eager to learn and quick on your feet, you might just be the right person to join us for a summer, learn from one of the most active early-stage investors in Europe, and decode the secret language of venture capital.

Work with Future Gamechangers

During your time with us, you’ll have the opportunity to dive in to venture capital, gain hands-on experience, and meet some of the most successful and exciting startups in Europe.

Through a structured internship program, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of venture capital, due diligence, and investment processes, as well as gain insights into specific sectors and market trends.


About Link Capital

Link Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm, making investments into early-stage startups across Europe. Currently investing out of its third fund, Link III – Energy Transition Fund, Link Capital has made more than 70 investments into startups.

Since inception of the first fund in 2016, Link Capital has successfully directed five of their portfolio companies to an initial public offering, amongst numerous other exits (M&A, asset sales).


Today, Link Capital is one of Europe’s most active early-stage investors in the energy transition. In Link III, all twenty-six portfolio companies actively contribute to the decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization of our economies. Currently, investments in Link III are focused on the following five sectors: (i) electric vehicles, (ii) clean energy, (iii) energy storage, (iv) mobility, (v) software and others.


The core team is based in Stavanger, Norway and is led by five General Partners, three of which are women. The junior team is currently small with one Associate, who will oversee the program.




Are You the Right Fit?

We are looking for young adults, ideally in their studies or close to completion who are fast learners, can communicate well, and have a genuine interest in the world of investments. You will also need to share our desire to combat climate change. Upon completion of the internship, there is a potential for full-time offer.



What will the ideal candidate look like?


Legally allowed to work in Norway

At this stage, Link Capital is unable to provide sponsorship

Strong communication skills, with a working proficiency in English

Additional European languages are welcome, but not required (e.g. Norwegian)

Basic understanding and interest in venture capital and the world of investing

Ideally also a fast learner with a curiosity to learn


Able to prioritize and meet deadlines

Energy Transition enthusiast

Genuine interest in the energy transition, climate change, renewable energy and sustainable solutions

Strong work ethic

We love a team player who can take on significant responsibility from Week 1

What Will This Look Like For You


6 – 10 weeks based in Stavanger, Norway (exact dates and timing to be confirmed)


Weekly lessons from the Link Capital team to help you develop a comprehensive understanding of venture capital, due diligence and investment processes, insights into specific sectors and market trends


Tasked with one large, independent project to be presented in the final week of the internship

This is customizable to your interests


Map startups across the five investment sectors in Europe, continue to build out CRM and participate in initial calls with startups to provide hands-on support


Partake in the due diligence process of investments, if initial calls with startups are positive

This includes mapping competitors, comparable cases, exit strategies, customers referencing, develop Link Capital’s investment brief and/or memo


Map potential Limited Partners (investors) across Europe, North America and Asia


Meet some of the most successful and exciting startups in Europe

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