Grethe Skundberg

General Partner

“We want to help technology and future optimists that aim for solving our environmental problems with new and better technology that also creates the future jobs through rockstar companies.”

Grethe assumes the roles of Entrepreneur, Investor, and General Partner at Link Capital Partners and Link Fund III: Energy Transition. Her engagement extends beyond the standard portfolio, where she spearheads every facet of fund operations for Link III. This includes navigating the intricacies of fundraising, deal sourcing, CEO support and mentoring, C-level strategic guidance, and value creation.

Grethe’s approach is hands-on, managing Link Sprint and other programs geared towards value creation. Her academic journey is marked by a Master of Management, a bachelor’s degree in Communication/Journalism, and a foundation in Officer Education from the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Grethe’s professional tapestry is rich and varied, embodying roles as an entrepreneur, investor, board member, and university faculty. In the world of business, she not only navigates the complexities but actively contributes to the narrative, making her mark with strategic insight and dynamic leadership.



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