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Pre-seed, Seed, Seed+, A


Energy transition, smart energy solutions, software



Ticket Sizes

From €50,000 to €5M, with a preference for €500,000 to €2M

Ownership Stake

Link generally aims for a 10% – 15% ownership stake, often in close collaboration

Lead Investor

Yes, we are happy to lead deals. We can also bring in other investors as co-leads and follow-ons.

Board Seats & Active Support

You bet! We lean in with our portfolio companies and will work with you for mutual long-term success

Sounds like a good match? Read on.

What we really want to see to get a high conviction and make fast decisions:

Energy Transition

Is there a clear energy transition fit? ESG and impact potential?

Software is Eating the World

Is there a significant software or tech component, or can it be developed? 

High-Growth DNA

Does the team have a strong drive and ability to grow fast?

3X Magic Milestone

Do we believe the team can hit the Magic Milestone?

Exit Potential

Do we believe there are good exit paths within the timeframe of the fund – and do we believe the team and company can mature fast enough?

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