Why We Invested in FLEXeCHARGE

Written by Link Capital Team

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January 9, 2024

Link Capital is happy to announce its investment into FLEXeCHARGE, a Danish-German electric vehicle charging software and IoT company. Today, their solution is an open smart load management platform for charge point operators and charging solution providers enabling specialized load and energy management services.

Christian Rangen, General Partner, says, “We are excited to back a promising company like FLEXeCHARGE. They are perfectly positioned to win in this exciting space!

Alongside our fantastic co-investors Greencode Ventures and Vireo Ventures, we are confident that together with Max, Robert and Jan (pictured ) we can shape FLEXeCHARGE into a strong contender and service provider in the EV charging infrastructure market. As a revenue-generating startup, the business is scalable with a strong B2B customer base. The seed investment is going to be used to fuel growth, expansion and customer success while taking the next technological leap with its smart load and energy management e-mobility platform.

Why invest in FLEXeCHARGE?

As EV adoption gains momentum and bans on internal combustion engine cars grow closer, commercial charging infrastructure continues to be installed rapidly worldwide to offer the same level of convenience and accessibility for EVs as there is for refueling conventional cars.

However, one of the biggest roadblocks impacting this rollout is the limitations in the capacity of energy grids, which are struggling to cope with increased electricity demands driven by the growing number of EVs on roads. Sophisticated load and energy management software is urgently needed. It helps prevent EV charging stations from being stranded due to grid-upgrade backlogs. It also ensures efficient use of the growing volume of renewable energy in the European grid.

For charging infrastructure providers (i.e. charge point operators), FLEXeCHARGE allows their customers to achieve vendor independence. Additionally, their dynamic and integrated load management services optimize for locally produced electricity use, offers cost-reductions, and reduces grid dependency.

Going forward?

As the e-mobility landscape evolves, FLEXeCHARGE is set to play a crucial role in shaping a smarter, greener transportation ecosystem that benefits society as a whole. The shift away from internal combustion engines is accelerating, and there is a larger demand for comprehensive commercial charging infrastructure. In a dynamic and fast-moving industry, the market is currently highly fragmented. We have a strong conviction that FLEXeCHARGE is well-positioned to execute its business plan and become a household name within the industry.

What makes FLEXeCHARGE so unique?

Its interface can operate independently from most systems, aggregating data from chargers, power meters, solar farms and relay this accordingly. Max Brandt, CEO, reflects, “We see ourselves as the conductors of the e-mobility transition, addressing the critical challenge of energy grid capacity in an era of increasing renewable energy and EV market share.”

Learn more about FLEXeCHARGE here.

What do our co-investors think?

Link Capital is delighted to be working alongside Greencode Ventures and Vireo Ventures. Manuel Heckmann of Greencode Ventures shares, “FLEXeCHARGE’s unique positioning with its advanced intelligent platform and solid customer base makes it a standout in the industry.” Thomas Labryga of Vireo Ventures adds, “Their technologically advanced product efficiently addresses a tangible problem in the charging industry, and we are proud to support their journey.

Who is Link Capital?

Link Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm from Norway. The international team is led by strong female representation at the Senior level, as we invest in the energy transition in Europe. With a preference of being one of your first professional investors, we are actively investing in pre-seed and seed stage opportunities.

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